Build Your City With Dice In A Mysterious Ringworld

We are very happy to announce Dice Legacy, an upcoming survival city builder set on a ring-shaped world! Learn more about what the game is all about and how it came to life thanks to the talented people at DESTINYbit.

Dice Legacy is a fundamentally new concept. There’s a handful of dice-based video games out there but no one is quite like Dice Legacy.

I come from a background in board games and it’s always interesting to see how tabletop and digital learn from each other and grow from each other. Not so long ago there was an explosion of card games. At first, they were Collectible Card Games a-la Magic the Gathering and then they shifted more towards deck builders a-la Dominion. The digital world has embraced the power of cards, but I don’t think it has still quite understood the power of dice.

Chucking dice is a very visceral experience. There is an inherent excitement associated to shaking the dice and throwing them in the air, not knowing if you will get a double six or a critical hit. Video games so far have, for the most part, borrowed traditional number based six-sided dice and have neglected custom dice. This was very bizarre to me. The digital space opens so many possibilities to elevate dice to something more.

Dice Legacy is a dice-based survival city builder set on a mysterious ring world. Dice are used as an abstract representation of the player’s population. They represent Peasants, Citizens, Merchants, Soldiers and Monks and they are used for everything inside the game, from collecting resources to combat.

The idea for Dice Legacy comes from what became one of the most interesting aspect of the game: Dice Forging. We were toying with the idea of having players forge multiple custom dice together to get stronger and stronger results and tying that to blockchain, of all things. The latter was quickly dropped but we saw an opportunity to use dice in a strategy setting in a new way. What if everything was a die? What if you could use dice to collect resources and construct buildings?

What Dice Legacy eventually became has a lot to do with Firesquid believing in the idea when it still was in a rough state and allowing us to develop it over time. DESTINYbit has its roots in boardgames but a lot of the elements that are inside the game today are really the result of a collaborative effort among all the members of the team. And there is no better example than The Ring itself.

Dice Legacy is set on a mysterious ring world inhabited by uncanny civilizations. It is a very visually striking setting and a staple of Sci-fi that modern media curiously sort of forgot after Halo.

We wanted to keep an experience that felt like playing a boardgame and manipulating pieces on a table. We were trying to think of ways to interact with the board, but the camera movement was always in the way. We were thinking about putting the game on a circular table to reduce the degree of movement to two, then we were thinking about half a circular table, similar to blackjack. It was eventually our concept artist Scott Pellico that suggested putting the world inside of a ring and that immediately clicked.

That really was the inception for many of the really cool ideas around the mechanics and the story of the game. The whole development process so far has been sort of a “jazz session” of many different individuals playing along, trusting each other that we’re creating a result that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

The aesthetics of Dice Legacy are inspired by miniature games and tabletop games. We aimed for a look that was distinct and that imitated what cool miniature dioramas look like. Everything from materials to visual effects is directly inspired by games such as Warhammer. We were lucky enough to have Alessandro Manzani on the team, one of the best 3d Artist in our country of Italy, who brought this idea to life. We spent quite a bit of time researching how dioramas and miniatures are built and painted and we tried to adapt those techniques to the digital world. We also got the help from our friends at ZugZug Art Studio that immediately embraced the style and helped us elevate it to the next level.

Dice Legacy tells the story of a ruler leading his people on the discovery of an uncharted continent inhabited by a strange civilization known as The Others. It is the first DESTINYbit game to feature a story and even if we’re not planning to make it the main focus of the game, it’s allowing us to express ourselves in new ways and explore new avenues. The story is directly fueled by the mechanics and vice versa. It all comes back to the idea of Dice Forging and what are you willing to do in order to create the perfect die.

This is what Dice Legacy is and how it happened. It’s been a great journey so far and we’re excited to take you along for the ride!
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