Roll. Lock. Die.

Key Features

Gather Resources and Build your City

Dice Legacy Key Feature 2 - Gather Resources and Build Your City

Choose your strategy and gather resources from forests, mines, hunting grounds and more. Use your resources to construct new buildings, research new technologies, recruit new dice and prepare for the winter.

Master the Die Roll to Survive

Dice Legacy Key Feature 1 - Roll and Upgrade your Dice

Roll, lock and reroll your dice to get the faces you need. Use your Peasants, Citizens, Merchants, Soldiers, and Monks to survive and defend your settlement from attacks.

Channel the Power of Hero Dice

Dice Legacy Key Feature 3 - Channel the power of Hero Dice

Forge stronger dice to change your play style and adapt to the various events the Ring World will throw at you.

Mysteries of the Ring World

Dice Legacy Key Feature 4 - Mysteries of the Ring World

Encounter new civilizations and the mysteries brought by The Others. Choose to either trade, fight or make peace and create stronger relationships.